New Chimney Design resistant to strong earthquakes

The report entitled “Performance of PennguardTM Lined Tall Reinforced Concrete Chimney Structures in the 2010 Chilean Earthquake“ summarises the findings of a field study to investigate the performance of four tall reinforced PennguardTM lined concrete chimneys which were subject to significant ground shaking during the 2010 Mw8.8 Chilean earthquake event.

The four chimney structures inspected, were built in 2008 and 2009 according to the New Chimney Design, where PennguardTM was installed onto the inside concrete shell directly. The study shows that the earthquake had caused little or no damage to either the concrete shells or the PennguardTM linings, due to the low weight of these chimneys, together with the relative flexibility of the PennguardTM linings.

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