WetReadyTM Guide Vane – A special guide vane for FGD Wet Stacks

CICIND Montreal 2018 – David Anderson, James Daniel, Alden Research Laboratory Inc., Albert de Kreij, Hadek Protective Systems bv


Most utility power plants strive to operate as efficiently as possible. As part of this process, a significant amount of effort is focused on reducing the pressure losses in the flue gas path. This is typically achieved through the addition of turning vanes or other type of flow control devices in the flue gas ductwork where the flue gas changes its direction and/or velocity.

The most common technology for flue gas desulfurization at utility power generation stations around the world is Wet Flue Gas Desulfurization (WFGD). A significant and rapidly growing percentage of these plants utilize wet stacks in which the fully saturated flue gasses exiting the scrubber system are sent directly into the stack liner for discharge to the atmosphere.

It is impossible to use traditional turning vanes in a wet environment due to the risk of droplet re-entrainment back into the gasflow.

The patent pending WetReadyTM Guide Vane developed by Alden Research Laboratory and Hadek Protective Systems solves this problem. This paper describes the WetReadyTM Guide Vane.