Wet Position Booster Fans for Reduced Power Consumption and Optimized Environmental Performance of Power Stations with FGD and Wet Stack

COAL-GEN Charlotte / August 2009 – M. Rossi and C. Acquistapace, ALSTOM Power Italia/ L. Maroti and D. Anderson, Alden Research Laboratory/ A. de Kreij, Hadek Protective Systems


The Rovinari Power Station will retrofit its four lignite fired units with wet limestone FGD systems. The owner Complexul Energetic Rovinari S.A. and EPC contractor Alstom Power have decided to place booster fans in the wet position downstream of the FGD absorbers, to reduce fan energy consumption. The flue gas will not be reheated. This paper describes, how the use of wet fans in conjunction with chimneys with insulating PennguardTM borosilicate glass block linings, will result in reduced condensate formation and, therefore, environmentally optimized wet stack operation. It is believed that this new setup will improve both energy efficiency and environmental performance of power stations with a wet FGD system and a wet stack.