Six free standing steel chimneys at Sadara steam station in Saudi Arabia prepared for long term corrosion protection

CICIND Boston / May 2015 – Gary Gerba, Business Development Manager at Hadek Inc., USA


In 2011, the Dow Chemical Company and Saudi Aramco formed a joint venture known as the Sadara Chemical Company for the construction of the Sadara chemical complex. Fluor Corporation was awarded the EPC contract for all of the utilities at Sadara, which included a 6 x 80 MW oil and gas fired power station. Because of the design height, the engineering and design team responsible for the chimney portion of the project found that constructing these six chimneys as free standing steel flues would be most efficient. In order to protect the steel chimneys against any risk of acid dew point corrosion, the designers chose to internally line the chimneys with a PennguardTM lining system.

Download the paper to learn about Sadara’s key needs and how the PennguardTM lining project was executed on time and within budget.