Self navigating inspection drone for industrial chimneys

CICIND Paphos / October 2022 – By Erik Palmen and Albert de Kreij, Hadek Protective Systems BV

During its many years supplying internal lining systems, Hadek has had numerous requests to assist in internally inspecting industrial chimneys. In many cases, such inspections are needed to assess the condition of a chimney flue or its lining. In other, rare cases such inspections are needed to look at catastrophic damage, e.g. following a large power plant fire. Unfortunately, limited options are available for performing chimney inspections. Up to now, customers could choose between a movable work platform (expensive) or rope access (affordable, but offers limited data).

Hadek is working to change this by developing an autonomous inspection drone. This article will describe the objectives, the challenges and the basic technology Hadek has chosen for its drone, which is now ready for use. The article will also discuss future developments planned for Hadek’s drone inspection technology.

This article was based on a presentation made to the CICIND Conference in Paphos, Cyprus on Friday 21 October 2022.