Borosilicate lining protects steel chimney flues from overheating and collapse during fire

CICIND Vilnius / September 2017 –  Albert de Kreij, Sales Director, Hadek Protective Systems


Fire safety is a very important concern for FGD plants and for corrosion resistant chimneys. FGD plant and chimney fires have occurred all over the world. In 2005 Technical Consultant Exponent investigated different chimney flue designs when exposed to various fire conditions. This came from the realization that very little information is available regarding the fire behavior of different chimney flue designs used today. One of the tests was a two hour ASTM E- 119 fire test to evaluate the performance of a borosilicate lining installed onto carbon steel when exposed to temperatures exceeding 1000ºC. The test set-up and results are being described in this paper.

Two FGD plant fire accidents have occurred recently in Cyprus and in Vietnam. Both fires spread from the FGD unit to the borosilicate lined steel chimney flues. Chimney lining inspections were carried out checking the performance of the borosilicate lining system after the destructive fires. The overall test results including pictures are presented in this paper.

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