PennguardTM linings in free-standing brick flues - three USA projects

CICIND Athens / April 2007 – Albert de Kreij, Hadek Protective Systems


Many existing power stations with brick chimney flues suffer from severe lining degradation when they operate in wet stack service. During wet stack operation, the flue gas stream is not reheated to above its water dewpoint, and as a result large amounts of aggressive condensates are present on the chimney flue walls. Wet stack operation is often economically attractive, but it creates the need for corrosion resistant linings or materials of construction. Any porous lining material will be completely saturated. Brickwork is porous, so acidic condensate is able to penetrate through the brickwork into the annular space, eventually attacking the structural integrity of the chimney itself.

This paper presents three cases from the recent past, where the owner had to install FGD plants and chose to re-use the existing chimney with independent brick flue. To protect the existing flue, the PennguardTM Block Lining was used.