Operating Performance of FGD Wet Stacks in the USA

CICIND Boston / May 2015 – Ruud van Noort, Manager Technical Team of Hadek Inc., USA


The use of Wet Flue Gas Desulfurization (WFGD) plants has become common for both new and existing coal, oil and lignite fired power stations in North America. The great majority of power plants using WFGD operate their chimney as an “FGD Wet Stack”, carrying desulfurized, unreheated, water saturated flue gas. Based on their proven success in water saturated flue gas downstream of WFGD, as well as on their favorable properties related to condensate reentrainment, a number of newly built FGD Wet Stacks in the United States and Canada have been equipped with PennguardTM lined steel flues.

This paper will describe the operating performance of PennguardTM lined steel flues in FGD Wet Stacks of selected power stations in the United States and Canada.