Lignite fired power station in Romania fits FGD with Wet Booster Fans and PennguardTM lined Concrete Chimneys for maximum Efficiency

CICIND Istanbul / May 2012 – David K. Anderson, Owner of Alden Research Laboratory / Albert de Kreij, Sales Director, Hadek Protective Systems


Alstom Power Italia designed and built wet limestone FGD plants for the Rovinari 4 x 330 MW lignite fired power station in Romania. The booster fans were placed between the wet FGD scrubber and the wet stack, where the fans consume significantly less power. Alden Research Laboratory performed a study into the environmental benefits of using wet booster fans. After a plant inspection in April 2012, it was concluded that from a thermal and liquid collection standpoint, the system is operating much better than expected.

For more details on Alden Resarch Laboratory’s findings, please download the complete paper.