Eliminating reheat and changing over to safe wet stack operation at Opatovice lignite firing plant

CICIND Gdansk / September 2015 – David Anderson, Principal, Alden Research Laboratory / Albert de Kreij, Sales Director, Hadek Protective Systems.


Elektrárny Opatovice a.s. decided to refurbish its Opatovice power plant with new wet limestone FGD systems, to eliminate its reheat system and to operate wet stack. It was also decided that the existing concrete chimney with sectional brick flue would be re-used. The owner chose PennguardTM linings to seal the complete brick flue to protect it against the highly acidic flue gas condensate. Alden Research Laboratory performed a detailed flow model study with recommendations for Opatovice Power Station to achieve environmentally acceptable wet stack operation.

Download the complete paper to read more about the Opatovice wet stack modification project with the risks of wet stack operation and the steps taken towards safe wet stack operation.