EDF Energy Cottam modifies 200m high, multi-flue chimney for Wet Stack operation

CICIND Capetown / April 2006 – Gary Eastman, Bierrum International Ltd / Albert de Kreij, Hadek Protective Systems


Cottam power station is a 4 x 500 MW coal firing power station in England. In 2003, the owner EDF Energy Cottam decided to install wet limestone FGD plants to all four units.

This paper will outline the challenges of using the existing chimney for FGD Wet Stack Service: (1) droplets / condensate from the FGD system will gather in the base of the chimney, (2) units start up every day, with FGD in operation (no FGD bypass) and (3) the gas flow velocities in the chimney would be up to 25m/s. An overview of the installation process is given as well.