Coal fired Rybnik Power Station applied PennguardTM linings to corroded steel chimney flues while leaving old coating system in place

CICIND Kiev / September 2012 – Albert de Kreij, Sales Director, Hadek Protective Systems


Rybnik Power Station in Poland has a power generating capacity of 1,775 MW and is owned and operated by EDF Polska. Around 2007, EDF Polska constructed two new wet limestone FGD plants together with a 120 m high concrete chimney with two steel flues. To protect the steel flues against low temperature acid condensing operation, they were both lined with a sprayable organic coating. Also, the flues were externally clad with glass wool insulation.

The wet stack operation soon resulted into localized corrosion of the steel flues. Also, condensate was able to penetrate through the steel making the external insulation ineffective.

To prevent the flues from further deterioration, EDF Polska decided to install the PennguardTM Block Lining System onto the corroded steel flue surface, while leaving the old coating system in place.

Download the complete paper to learn more about the PennguardTM installation at Rybnik Power Station.