Coal fired Castle Peak Power Station in Hong Kong modifies 250 m reinforced concrete chimney with four steel flues

CICIND Edinburgh / September 2011 – Albert de Kreij, Sales Director, Hadek Protective Systems


4 x 677 MW Castle Peak Power Station is one of the largest coal firing power stations in the world, owned by CLP Power, a subsidiary of China Light & Power. Running at 38% efficiency at full load, the Castle Peak B units are a key generating asset for the Hong Kong economy. To help improve air quality it was decided in 2006 to install wet limestone flue gas desulphurization plants. The four 6.6 m diameter corten steel flues were originally unprotected. CLP recognized however that the flue gas temperature would drop well below its acid dewpoint, regardless of the flue gas reheat to 80 ºC. The flue gas is still higly corrosive, resulting in the need for a chimney flue lining system. Download the paper for more information.