Chimney for Wet Stack Operation

CICIND Philadelphia / April 2008 – Hermann Hoffmeister, Karrena / Albert de Kreij, Hadek Protective Systems


In central Poland one of the biggest power plants, PAK – Patnow-Adamow-Konin, produces 2,457 MW of electric energy. To meet European Union environmental standards, the four existing lignite fired units with a capacity of 200 MW were retrofitted with Flue Gas Desulfurization plants. The owner decided not to reheat the desulfurized flue gas before emission. The existing chimneys could not be used for wet stack operation, so new chimneys had to be build, either as a single twin flue chimney or as two separate chimneys. Chimney builder Karrena were asked to work out a proposal for the chimney.

This paper will outline the different design alternatives with material options, thermal analysis, structural analysis, the final solution and and overview of the execution of the works.