Building fgd wet stack chimneys better, faster and cheaper; two cost saving technologies that can be used by the power generating industry in India

CICIND Ahmedabad / October 2023 – By Albert de Kreij, Hadek Protective Systems BV
Government of India has mandated that most coal fired power stations in the country must soon operate with highly effective flue gas desulphurization (“FGD”) plants. The fitting of FGD plants to both existing and newly built power stations presents a huge and costly challenge to the industry. One of the most difficult and expensive elements of any FGD project is the construction of a new chimney. For most projects, these chimneys are designed as “FGD Wet Stacks”, carrying low temperature, water saturated flue gas. This paper presents two technologies that can help owners to reduce the cost of these chimneys while at the same time minimizing construction time and optimizing durability.

This article was based on a presentation made to the CICIND Conference in Ahmedabad, India on Friday 20 October 2023.