Global supplier of borosilicate glass block lining

When it comes to power plant chimney and FGD ductwork protection, Hadek is your reliable partner. We are the global supplier of borosilicate glass block lining, a 3-component system consisting of lightweight closed-cell borosilicate glass blocks, an adhesive membrane that bonds the borosilicate glass blocks to the substrate, and a special primer.


Hadek offers an easy-to-install, acid resistant liner that can be used to protect the internal surface of power plant chimneys, stacks, flues, liners and ducts, whether new-builds or retrofits. It is the perfect choice for your industrial chimney.

The borosilicate glass block lining technology has been applied successfully in projects around the globe since the 1980s. Extensive research, testing and many years of practical experience have proven the lasting quality of our power plant chimney lining system.

Hadek offers consultancy and support throughout; from the early design stage until well after the installation of the lining system. Our power plant chimney linings come with a Lifetime Performance Monitoring System and a full 10-year warranty, to assure optimum performance of the lining system during its entire life span.




However economically attractive it may seem, there is a serious downside to operating FGD chimneys as wet stacks, without reheat. It carries the risk of stack liquid discharge (SLD), or “spitting”. This phenomenon can be highly problematic, with acidic droplets raining down on to the surroundings of the power plant and potentially causing damage to private property in the area or to the power plant itself.


According to the EPRI Revised Wet Stack Design Guide, power plant chimneys lined with a borosilicate lining system can be operated safely, without spitting, at velocities up to 18.3 m/s. With the lining applied in the 45 Degree High Velocity Pattern however, no spitting will occur at velocities up to 22.9 m/s.

Applying the HadekTM Block Lining System in the 45 Degree High Velocity Pattern will minimize the risk of harmful stack liquid discharge (spitting), without adding cost to the chimney construction process.




For chimneys that are less than 200 meters high, the use of Hadek’s New Chimney Design (NCD) can be a significant money saver. This technology consists of a specially designed concrete chimney, protected by Hadek’s insulating borosilicate glass block lining system. The construction cost of NCD chimneys is 30% lower than that of chimneys with internal steel or FRP flues. As an additional advantage, the construction time is reduced by approximately 5 months.

Even power station owners constructing chimneys for several units at the same time are finding it more economical to build multiple NCD chimneys, usually one per unit, than to build a single chimney with multiple internal flues. Using one chimney per unit will only require very short FGD outlet ducts.