PennguardTM linings for ducts

For new and existing ducts

Suitable for inlet, outlet and bypass ducts, both for new build and retrofits. PennguardTM linings are simple to apply in situ in existing ducts and offer high tolerance of surface imperfections such as pitting corrosion, weld roughness and weld porosities.

Uncomplicated to install

Unlike other linings, PennguardTM linings are uncomplicated to apply in existing ducts. PennguardTM linings offer the advantage of a low weight and a high tolerance of surface imperfections such as pitting corrosion or rough welds. Installing PennguardTM linings is more economical than replacing sections of existing ductwork.

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No external insulation required

New ducts with a PennguardTM lining can be built at ground level, then easily lifted to installation height. The thermal properties of a PennguardTM lining make expensive external insulation unnecessary.

PennguardTM linings are suitable for a wide range of fuels (coal, oil, petcoke, lignite, biofuels) and operating conditions. A number of power stations worldwide that fire high sulphur fuels have gathered positive long term experience using PennguardTM linings in FGD outlet ducts. The operating experience shows that even under highly acidic conditions, PennguardTM linings offer an estimated service life of more than 30 years and require very little maintenance.

Protect FGD outlet ducts exposed to highly corrosive conditions durable and reliable with PennguardTM linings.
– See project: Teruel Power Station, Spain