New Industrial Chimney Design

Tomorrow’s chimney design: lighter, cheaper, built to last

Hadek’s New Industrial Chimney Design is a revolutionary new type of chimney. It consists of a reinforced concrete shell with a HadekTM lining applied directly to its inside surface. The use of an independent internal flue is eliminated. The design is slender and lightweight, but built to last – even in seismic regions.

Faster and less expensive to build

The New Industrial Chimney Design has several advantages compared to a traditional chimney with a reinforced concrete windshield and a separate internal flue. The New Chimney Design is more economical to build, because two expensive items, the internal liner and its supports, have been eliminated. The construction time is shorter; building the chimney consists of slipforming the concrete column directly followed by installation of the HadekTM chimney lining.

Wondering where our HadekTM linings are installed? View our projects.

Lower maintenance and exellent chemical resistance

The New Industrial Chimney Design has lower maintenance requirements, because the chimney flue, the flue supports, insulation and expansion joints have all been eliminated. The New Industrial Chimney Design is resistant to a wide range of operating conditions (including FGD operation). The HadekTM lining is completely acid resistant without limitations for temperature or concentration. The New Industrial Chimney Design has greater suitability for seismic regions. The elimination of an internal flue leads to a great reduction in mass, which is favourable when designing a chimney for seismic conditions (see Project Report Colbun & Bocamina Power Stations).

It can be economical to build several New Chimney Design chimneys instead of one multi-flue chimney
– See Project: Patnow Power Station, Poland