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HadekTM linings can be applied equally well in new and existing power plant chimneys as well as flue gas ducts onto a variety of substrates such as steel (even when already corroded), concrete, ceramic brickwork, FRP and organic coatings. Structural modifications are usually not required.

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Borosilicate linings are frequently used in new steel chimney flues and free-standing steel chimneys.
  • Compatible with a variety of construction methods
  • Lightweight
  • Resistant to a wide range of operating conditions, including FGD, both reheated and "wet stack"
  • Virtually no maintenance
  • Service life exceeding 30 years


New Chimney Design: borosilicate glass block linings directly applied to the inside surface of a concrete chimney shell.

  • NO internal flues / liners needed
  • Ca. 5 months faster and 20% less expensive to build
  • Slim, lightweight, built to last, also for seismic regions
  • Resistant to a wide range of operating conditions
  • Low maintenance, minimal risk of component failure


HadekTM linings can be applied in existing chimneys to almost any substrate.

  • No need to demolish and rebuild
  • Applied to almost any substrate, including steel, concrete and brick (even if in poor condition)
  • Can replace internal flue altogether
  • Structural modifications not usually required
  • Can be installed quickly, also in stages avoiding long outages


HadekTM linings will protect new and existing ducts. In existing ducts HadekTM linings offer the advantage of high tolerance of surface imperfections such as pitting corrosion and weld roughness.

  • Suitable for newly built and existing ducts
  • More economical than replacing sections of existing ductwork
  • Versatile – for inlet, outlet and bypass ducts
  • No expensive external insulation required
  • Lightweight, durable and reliable