Semi dry scrubber systems for Sadara Steam Station in Saudi Arabia

Oil and gas fired steam station in Saudi Arabia uses borosilicate lined free-standing steel chimneys downstream of its FGD systems.

In 2011, The Dow Chemical Company and Saudi Aramco formed a joint venture, the Sadara Chemical Company, which is currently constructing one of the world’s largest integrated chemical complexes to be built in a single phase. When it is fully operational in 2016, the Sadara complex near al-Jubail will consist of 26 highly efficient manufacturing plants.

Fluor Corporation has been awarded the EPC contract for all of the utilities at Sadara, which will include a 6 x 80 MW oil and gas fired steam plant.

Semi dry scrubber - Sadara

For the design and construction of the six boilers and the air quality control system, Fluor selected a consortium of Alstom and Cerrey SA de CV. Within this consortium, Cerrey built the boilers and Alstom supplied the Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) plants needed for NOx emissions reduction, as well as the semi dry scrubber plants needed for SOx emissions reduction.

For the Sadara FGD system, Alstom used its New Integrated Design (NID) technology, which is a proprietary, semi dry scrubber technology. At Sadara, the treated flue gas has an exit temperature of around 80°C and it is released into the atmosphere through six separate 76 metre high chimneys.

Because of their height, the designers decided that these chimneys would be most efficiently built as free-standing steel stacks. In order to protect these steel chimneys against any risk of acid dew point corrosion, the designers decided to internally line the chimneys with a PennguardTM borosilicate glass block lining system using 51 mm thick PennguardTM Block type 55.