Quang Ninh power station

New 4 x 300 MW coal fired power station in Vietnam uses FGD chimneys with PennguardTM lined steel flues.

The Vietnamese power generating industry is expanding rapidly to keep pace with the country’s growing economy and increasing prosperity. According to projections of state company Electricity of Vietnam (EVN), total electricity production will have to grow from about 106 TWh in 2010 to 227 TWh in 2015, with production doubling once again by 2025. To achieve such fast growth, EVN will invest 30 billion USD in the 2008-2015 period.

One of the largest new power stations to be commissioned in the near future is the 4 x 300 MW Quang Ninh Power Station near Halong, on Vietnam’s Northeastern coastline. The station will be owned by Quang Ninh Thermal Power Joint Stock Company, a company owned by EVN and other investors.


The project consists of Quang Ninh 1 and Quang Ninh 2 power stations and each of these has two, 300 MW coal fired units. The EPC contractor for both phases of the project is Shanghai Electric Corporation, who have selected Jiangsu Electric Power Construction Company for all civil works.

Both power stations have been designed identically by the Chinese Northwest Power Design Institute (NWEPDI) and to maintain power station SO₂ emissions within the allowed limits, all four coal fired units are equipped with flue gas desulphurization units based on wet limestone gypsum technology.

Both Quang Ninh 1 and Quang Ninh 2 power station have a 200 m reinforced concrete chimney, each with two steel flues. The flue gas entering the chimneys, even though desulphurized and reheated, will be highly corrosive. Following a detailed investigation of different technologies, the owner and EPC contractor agreed that all four flues would be lined with the PennguardTM >borosilicate glass block Block Lining System, using 38 mm thick PennguardTM Block 55.