Pecém and Itaqui power stations

Three new coal fired power stations in Brazil use New Chimney DesignTM to minimize chimney construction cost and maximize long term reliability.

With a strongly growing economy and rising electricity demand, Brazil’s traditional reliance on hydropower has become unsustainable. The deregulation of the Brazilian power industry has created opportunities for privately owned power generators. MPX Energia has recently constructed three coal fired thermal power plants (TPPs) in Brazil’s Northern coastal areas.

Pecém I, a partnership between MPX and EDP, consists of two 360 MW units. Pecém II and Itaqui each have one 360 MW unit.


The power stations are located close to the coastline, allowing the use of imported coal. The combined four units at the three stations use a dry flue gas desulphurization system to reduce SO₂ emissions. The flue gas entering the chimneys has a temperature of 67 °C, which is well below the sulphuric acid dewpoint. Consequently, the internal surfaces of the chimneys must be resistant to sulphuric acid condensate.

To achieve both low construction cost and excellent long term durability, the four 360 MW units at the Pecém I, II and Itaqui power stations have each been equipped with their own individual chimney, built in accordance with Hadek’s New Chimney Design.

The New Chimney Design, which is increasingly favored by power station owners worldwide, is a concrete chimney that is protected by a PennguardTM lining applied directly to its internal surface.

The Pecém I station uses two 110 m high chimneys. Pecém II has one 150 m high chimney. Itaqui power station uses a single, 110 m high chimney. The four chimneys combined, required a total of 7.926 square meters of PennguardTM linings.