Dolna Odra power station

Coal fired power station in Poland modifies existing chimney for FGD wet stack operation by installing a PennguardTM borosilicate glass block lining onto concrete windshield.

Close to the city of Szczecin in northern Poland, the largest power company in the country, PGE, owns and operates the 1,772 MW coal fired Dolna Odra Power Station. The power station has eight boilers and its Units 5 through 8, with a combined capacity of 908 MW, discharge their flue gases into a single, 200 m high concrete chimney.

Since the year 2002, the power station has been equipped with one wet limestone FGD system, known as the Unit 7 & 8 FGD. The Unit 7 & 8 FGD includes a gas-to-gas-reheater(“GGH”). The flue gas stream in the 200 m chimney is a mix of desulfurized, reheated flue gas from Units 7 & 8 and untreated, hot flue gas from Units 5 & 6. Based on these relatively dry operating conditions, the chimney was constructed with a sectional brick flue using interlocking, acid resistant brick.


Since then, PGE Dolna Odra have ordered Polish contractor Rafako to design and construct a further wet limestone FGD system, for Units 5 & 6. The Unit 5 & 6 FGD will be commissioned in 2012. Around the same time, the Unit 7 & 8 FGD will be modernized and its GGH reheat will be eliminated.

With the Unit 5 & 6 and Unit 7 & 8 FGD’s operational, the combined flue gas stream from Units 5 through 8 will be desulfurized and, in the absence of reheat for either FGD system, the 200 m chimney will operate as a wet stack, carrying water saturated flue gas.

To prepare the chimney for these future operating conditions, the contractor has removed the brick flue and its supports, and then installed a 54 mm thick PennguardTM borosilicate glass block lining onto the internal, 7,575 m² surface of the concrete windshield.