PennguardTM Block Lining System – The most versatile acid resistant chimney lining for fossil fired power stations

How a PennguardTM borosilicate glass block lining protects your chimney

Closed-cell borosilicate glass is the key to the PennguardTM Block Lining System. Lightweight borosilicate glass blocks are manufactured under highly controlled conditions, and are attached to the internal surface of power plant chimneys, stacks, flues, liners and ducts, using a durable, flexible adhesive to resist a number of challenging conditions.

Impermeable to acid gas and acid condensates

Due to their closed-cell structure, the borosilicate glass blocks are completely impermeable to acid gas and acid condensates even under positive pressure conditions.

The PennguardTM Adhesive Membrane is a 2 component urethane asphalt mastic that
 bonds the borosilicate glass blocks to the substrate. The adhesive remains flexible in the long term, allowing the PennguardTM Block Lining System to last, potentially for decades.

The PennguardTM Block Lining System is uncomplicated to install by local semi-skilled workers, under Hadek’s supervision. The lining can be installed onto a range of substrates such as steel (even when already corroded or coated), concrete and brick (even if in poor condition).